PILGRIMAGE: Jesus in the Wilderness


Ash Wednesday marked the beginning of the season of Lent, and it lasts for 40 days (not including Sundays, which are always counted as mini resurrection days.) 40 has always been a number of significance in our spiritual tradition. A Jesus began his earthly ministry, he took 40 days to be in the wilderness and prepare himself for the tough tasks that his ministry would require. Oftentimes, people take a pilgrimage (or journey) when they are trying to set apart time to to find clarity or prepare for what is in front of them. In reality, a pilgrimage doesn't require us to travel anywhere, but it calls us to be willing to set time and space apart to risk movement towards something. This Lent, we're taking a spiritual pilgrimage that will require us to be honest about all the separation we feel during our times in the wilderness. 

In this message, Rev. Sarah Heath begins by looking at the story of Jesus in the wilderness, and we talk about all the ways we can feel like we are in "the wilderness" and where God is during those seasons of life. Scripture often challenges us to set apart time, but there is something about solitude that many of us want to avoid. 

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