Panic Attack: Fear of Death


Last week, we began a series on the fears that can control our lives and lead to panic and anxiety. Fear is a good instinct when it keeps us safe, but when we live in constant fear, our mind exists in "fight or flight" mode making us incapable of living in the present. If unaddressed and unchecked, fear can become a general, unnamed, always-present anxiety. As we look at scripture, it is clear that this fear-based life can keep us from the shalom (a sense of wholeness) that God would desire for us.

As we discussed last week, there are times when anxiety is a medical issue, and this isn't the kind of fear we are talking about. Instead, we are talking about the daily fears that add up - often part of a bigger fear, perhaps our biggest fear, the fear of death. Not only do we fear physical death, but we also fear the death of relationships, death of jobs, death of independence, and many other smaller more subtle deaths. In this message, we look at the fear of death and the 1 Corinthians declaration that death has been swallowed up in victory.

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