23 and He: Josiah


As we continue our series on the genealogy of Jesus, Pastor Sarah Heath looked at the interesting story of Josiah, an 8 year old boy who became king. Can you imagine knowing your career from the time you are 8? Before Josiah, there are a long list of kings who have made big mistakes and let power get the best of them. For Josiah to be a faithful leader, he will have to redefine what a king looks like and make massive reforms to how religion is engaged. We may not hear a lot about Josiah, but we have him to thank for scriptures being gathered into part of the Torah. He himself will not live to see how his faithfulness will impact an entire people group, but his legacy becomes part of Jesus’ genealogy and is a backdrop for how Jesus is able to bring a new way of engaging faith. This week, we look at how Josiah’s life can be a lesson in faithfulness beyond what we see finished. All of these stories are preparing us for the celebration of Jesus' birth!

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