Across the Room: A Conversation on Creation Care


Global warming, climate change, climate crisis, creation care, green new deal, straw laws, plastic bag rules. There are so many terms buzzing around that refer to what's happening to the planet we inhabit. The conversation seems to be happening everywhere, isn't it? Everywhere that is, except in the church. Scripture refers to God as the creator, and humanity was tasked with the care of that creation. What does that mean, and how is our faith connected to the care of the world around us?

Some say that God is going to destroy the Earth upon returning, and we can just use it however we wish until that time. Others argue that we are tasked with caring for the world as a precious resource. Some think that climate scientists are overreacting, and others think we are not reacting enough. How can we cross the room and talk about the Earth in ways that are helpful? Join us on Sunday at 10am as Pastor Sarah speaks with Gabriela Worrel as she shares from her experience as an environmentally conscious and educated community developer who grew up in the evangelical church setting.

Gabriela Worrel is a writer, urban planner, and biologist working at the intersection of environmental conservation and human culture. She is a Southern California native and holds a B.S. in Biology from Westmont College and a M.U.R.P. from UC Irvine. She currently works as an outreach coordinator at Laguna Greenbelt, Inc. and lives in urban Los Angeles with her husband, two young children, and a rabbit named Hoppy.

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