Across the Room: A Conversation on Global Violence and Peacemaking


You can't read or listen to the news without hearing that our world is plagued with strife. From protests that become violent to civil unrest, it seems that people cannot engage in conversation without coming to blows. With so many conflicts around the world, there's even more finger pointing in the midst of it all. Scripture suggests that God wants us to be a peaceful presence in the world, but we can't even seem to do that among our own friends and families. How are we to be peaceful in the midst of injustice and such political strife? Join us this week as Bethany Anderson shares some helpful ways to create peace both locally and globally. You don't want to miss this last Across the Room conversation!

BETHANY ANDERSON has spent the last 11 years living and learning in a small immigrant neighborhood with a community of believers and nonprofit organization called Solidarity. She serves as both the Advocacy Director for Solidarity and the founding Director of Camino Immigration Services, an initiative of Solidarity that provides quality legal counsel in immigration matters to the North Orange County community. In addition, Bethany serves as a Curator for the Global Immersion Project and a Co-Leader of the Orange County Immigration Table.

Bethany grew up in Long Beach, CA then moved to Fullerton where she attended Hope International University. She has a Bachelors of Art in Inter-Cultural Studies and is accredited by Department of Justice to practice Immigration law. Bethany loves to travel, the beach, In n Out, and spending time with her community and family. She lives in the Gem District of Fullerton, Ca with her husband, Matt, with whom she is raising 3 little justice warriors.

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