An Advent-urous Life: Joy


Advent-urous living requires us to look at the world with a different view. It requires us to be open to how God is working even when things don’t look as we had hoped...and even when it's sometimes difficult to see how God is working at all. On the first Sunday of Advent, we talked about how advent-urous living requires us to have hope even when it appears the darkness is winning. Last week, Scott Erickson helped us see how advent-urous living requires us to see the Love available to us even in the times when we don’t feel lovable or feel like loving others. In this message, we'll take our advent cue from the angels as they speak to the shepherds in Luke’s Christ birth narrative. Though the shepherds have a sense of fear (as one would seeing the heavens open and celestial beings appear), we are told that they are assured that this message is one to bring great joy. It is easy to get joy and happiness confused, isn't it? Happiness is situational, but joy is something that exists at a deeper level and requires us to tap into the hope and love from the last two weeks. This week, Pastor Sarah is going to spend time looking at how advent-urous living can help us experience joy and share that joy with others even in the midst of a difficult season.

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