Do You See What I See?: What Do We All Need?


No person is an Island. We've all heard that before, right? Maybe you’ve seen movies like “Castaway” that show how desperately we need people, but sometimes we forget just how valuable deep friendships truly are. This week, as we continue discussing why First United exists, Pastor Sarah talks about why we are created for deep, authentic, transformational relationships - so much more than just having people around us. Paul used the metaphor of the body to describe how we are to be in community with each other. Each body part relying on the other. In this digital and busy age, it's so easy to have surface relationships, and church can just become one more thing we do each week. If we're truly going to live out our call to be the people of God, it is going to demand that we take a step further and allow ourselves to be known and know others. Listen in , and hear why we need you...and you need us!

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