Flawed and Faithful: I Will Not Deny You

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This weekend, we celebrated Palm Sunday as we remember Jesus' final entry into Jerusalem. The gospels tell us he entered the city with crowds shouting and waving palm branches, similar to the entry of a victorious rebel. It's like watching a movie when you already know how the plot will play out. Soon, the cheers will turn to jeers, and in the end, their voices will cry out for Jesus to be executed. We also know how the plot plays out as we hear Simon Peter declare he will never abandon Jesus. Not only does he ultimately deny Jesus once, but three times.

Simon Peter is often narrated as flawed for his triple denial, but that's just part of the story. Here's what we often forget. Even though he can't seem to admit he knows Christ, he's actually putting himself in incredible danger! By being inside the courtyard of the High Priest's home after Jesus' arrest, Simon Peter has a chance of being recognized by the temple guards as that sword-wielding disciple. In actuality, he shows a level of faithfulness we don't often acknowledge, and he might have something to teach us about being faithful in uncertain times. Listen as Pastor Sarah unpacks more of this story and the ways it can help us in our own times of perceived failure.

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