Flawed and Faithful: The Last Supper

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This week we continue following the story of Simon Peter as he tries to be a faithful follower of Jesus. The final week of Jesus life takes up a large portion of the book of Matthew. Rev. Adam Hamilton reminds us that 7 of the 28 chapters are focused on this last week. Combining the narratives of all the gospels we are given incredible detail about the final meal Christ will have with his friends. The preparation of this special passover meal will require Simon Peter to head into town, get a passover Lamb, and prepare a room. Simon Peter is dutifully preparing for a typical passover meal and its deeper meaning isn’t yet clear to him or the other disciples. As preparations are being made, there is a debate over who will be the greatest and Jesus responds by washing their feet. Simon Peter in relatable reaction doesn't want the one he follows to serve him. Jesus is revealing a beautiful truth that the kingdom of God will require us to learn not only how to serve, but how to be served... and that last part is often the hardest!

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