Flawed and Faithful: The Call

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The season of Lent has begun - 40 days centering on self-reflection leading up to the celebration of the resurrection. As we prepare our hearts for Easter, we're going to journey through the life of Simon Peter, one of Jesus' closest companions. Out of all the disciples, he is mentioned the most, even more than the one often referred to as the "beloved" (John).

Unlike most historical figures, the record of Peter's life includes both his triumphs and his failures for all to see - most likely because he shared them with whoever he met as a reminder that God can do big things even when you are flawed.

In his recent book entitled Simon Peter, Rev. Adam Hamilton refers to this disciple as "flawed BUT faithful." For this series, we're going to look at how the season of Lent helps us recognize that we can be flawed AND faithful as we seek to follow the radical way of Jesus. This week, Pastor Sarah begins by looking at the calling of Simon Peter. This is going to be a great season of Lent together, and we hope you don't miss a week as the story builds towards celebrating Holy Week together! 

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