Flawed and Faithful: Walking With Jesus During the Storm

FlawedAndFaithful_Sermon (1).jpg

During the second week of Lent, we continue to dig into the story of Simon Peter, a character that is both flawed and faithful (just like us). Simon Peter is probably most famous for the time he tried to join Jesus for a stroll across the Sea of Galilee. Oftentimes, the failure of taking his eyes off of Jesus and starting to sink is preached as a reminder that we should have great faith and always trust. Yet, perhaps there is more to this story than just the moment Peter's faith seems flawed. What isn’t often talked about is that out of all the disciples, he is the only one that has the audacity to think he could walk out on the water. Sometimes, the bravest thing we can do in the midst of a storm is step out of the boat that we thought was keeping us safe.

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