Flawed and Faithful: Missing the Point

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We don't have a lot of information about what Jesus and his disciples talked about during their times away from crowds. We can only imagine what wisdom was shared as they were walking between cities or sharing some down time around a dining table.

We do get to listen in on one incredible conversation after Jesus takes Peter, James, and his brother John to pray up on a mountain. Before their very eyes, they not only see Jesus glowing white...but also Moses and Elijah! Everyone seems stunned into silence. Well, everyone but our dear Simon Peter who immediately wants to construct a monument to worship this incredible moment.

As he's still speaking, a voice reminds those who are lucky enough to hear it that Jesus is indeed God's son, the beloved, and should be listened to. Simon Peter seems to have missed the point of what the encounter was all about. Simon Peter's excitement to build a monument and create a new place to worship is shattered by a voice coming from the sky. Simon Peter is perhaps the most relatable disciple and seems to feel the need to fill the silence by saying something and jumping into action. Simon Peter is reminded that now is not the time to do or say something, but instead to listen. Join Pastor Sarah as we hear how sometimes we miss the point when we jump into action or feel like we need to have just the right words.

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