Good Grief: Misunderstood - Grief in Job


Anyone watching the Tuesday night baseball game between the Angels and Rangers got a front row seat to a great game....and an entire team experiencing profound grief. A beloved young pitcher for the Angels, Tyler Skaggs, unexpectedly passed away the day before. It was hard to watch the game and not share the team's deep sense of loss. Even though we all experience grief over the course of our lives, we don’t like to see it, much less talk about it.

Whether grief comes from the loss of a loved one or the loss of a hope or dream, it is a universal experience. The problem is...most of us haven't been taught that grief is actually normal...and good. As a result, we can often damage friends and family when we try to help them experience their grief. We may try to give timelines for how long grief will last or the stages through which they need to move. Or, we may even try to distract them from their grief altogether. Sometimes, well-intentioned Christians can suggest that "good Christians" don’t go through grief, because we have an ultimate hope in Jesus and a hope in the afterlife. While grief is universal, it is not experienced uniformly. In our efforts to help, we can unintentionally make people feel even more isolated and alone.

In this message, Pastor Sarah begins a series called “Good Grief” dedicated to the stories in scripture where grief is handled in both helpful and unhelpful ways. We begin with the story of Job. His story is often told as an example of how harmful friends can be in the midst of grief or how life will get better if you're faithful to hold onto hope in the midst of loss. Yet, there's so much more to the story! We'll learn how joy is not the opposite of grief and how hope is never intended to defeat it. Join us this Sunday as we look at the strange story of Job to learn how we can navigate grief in the midst of challenging seasons of life.

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