You Have Heard It Said: How To Be Good


From the very beginning of our lives, we're given rules or laws with which we are to live. In fact, just today, I'm sure you've followed numerous laws you didn’t even realize you were following. From the way we drive, to the order in which we start our day, we follow rules and laws to make life structured and safe.

Often “you have heard it said” from pulpits and churches even more things to add to your list of rules. In fact, some faith communities spend most of their time figuring out who has and who hasn't followed the rules they think make you a “good person.”

This week, Pastor Sarah shares why boiling our life down to a set of "dos and don'ts" can't teach us how to be a good person...and how it stops us from living into the kingdom of God. In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus addresses some of the rules that people were using to decide who was good and who wasn't. At first, it seems like he's simply continuing a traditional insistence on following strict rules, but the nuances indicate that he's pushing us beyond sin management into whole-hearted living. He's giving us true freedom! 

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