You Have Heard It Said: How To Be Perfect


“Be perfect therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Matthew 5:48

Perfect...when we think of the word perfect, we usually think of someone who is able to achieve all their goals, be fully present with their family, engage in healing the world...all while making no mistakes. Perhaps “you have heard it said” in church that we should be perfect, but since we can’t live up to that, we need Jesus to step in for us in our relationship with God. The problem with that is that would mean God created an imperfect human that is being asked to be perfect. This kind of perfection feels heavy and is filled with musts and shoulds

Is that really what God wants from us? Does God want us to be able to police ourselves towards perfection? Or, is it possible that Jesus is suggesting something else? Perhaps, we can get to the bottom of what Jesus is really asking when we look at the world translated as perfect. Teleios can be translated as complete, fulfilled, or balanced. If Jesus is asking us to be fulfilled or balanced, how does that change our expectations of other people...including ourselves? This week as we wrap up our series on the things we have heard, Pastor Sarah takes some time to look at how Jesus is offering a new way of looking at our intentions and why that can be freeing and lead to a life that is teleios

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