Across The Room: A Conversation on Immigration


For years, we've been hearing about all the challenges with immigration in the United States. Most of us have little first-hand experience with what's happening at our borders, and that's why we are excited to hear from Rev. Dr. Bill Jenkins, founder of Christ Ministry Center, which has provided a "safe harbor" for over 6,000 refugees, immigrants, asylum seekers, migrants in detention, and families broken by deportation. Based in San Diego, his ministry has a working relationship with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) as they bring families in need to the ministry. He grew up in Mississippi during the 1960s Civil Rights Era, and he earned a Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Delta State University, where he did his student teaching at an all African-American high school in the Mississippi Delta in 1969-70. This began a lifelong passion for social justice.

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