A Life of Intention: Fasting


Last Sunday, Kyle Richardson challenged us to take time for a sabbath. This week during the service, we hear from some of us who shared what that experience was like.

If you were to poll people about spiritual practices, fasting probably wouldn't be the first thing they would list. Ironically, the Bible talks a great deal about fasting, and Jesus began his own ministry with this spiritual practice. Fasting was part of Jewish tradition as a way to cultivate spiritual commitment and focus one's attention on God. To this day, there are many Christian communities that still fast in some form - everything from restricting certain foods or activities to only eating certain times of day.

As we read the Scriptures, Jesus warns us against fasting with the wrong intention, and we know fasting can be harmful when people have experienced disordered thinking about food. The point of fasting is not the what, but the why. The practice can help us discover a lot about ourselves and how we interact with the world around us. Listen in as Pastor Sarah Heath shares how fasting can be a helpful addition to our spiritual diet.

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