Now What: Jesus' Baptism


We often talk about “mountain top” experiences as we refer to times when we've had a deep sense of faith and are overcome with emotion. In these moments, we're overcome with a sense of peace, comfort, certainty, or even love. For some of us, these moments happened at a summer camp, during a particularly moving worship service, or an epic sunset.

As we read the Bible, we learn how people created altars as a reminder of the place where they experienced God in mountain top moments. Sometimes, those altars were rocks (like the Ebenezer rock of remembrance in 1 Samuel) that commemorated when God helped the Israelites overcome the Philistines. As Israel went through all of its trials, the nation made altars and Ebenezers to remind them that God had not left them alone. (This is where we get the term "Ebenezer" that we often sing about in the hymn known as Come Thou Font.)

In our own life, maintaining those mountain top feelings can be difficult. As these powerful moments turn into memories, they can become an Ebenezer to remind us that God’s presence is still just close - even when God might feel distant. We’ve been talking about the post-Christmas season as a chance for us to ask, “What’s next?” After scripture's telling of Jesus' birth, we don’t have a lot of information about what’s next until Jesus' baptism. His baptism was one of those mountain top moments that will help us as we ask our own “what’s next” questions. 

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