Now What: What Are You Looking For?


For many folks, the couple of days (and even weeks) after Christmas can feel like a let down. After all the busyness and chaos that the holiday season can bring, the sudden return to “normal” schedules can feel disorienting. You may be asking, "Now what?" Advent had us waiting and anticipating, but what happens when the wait is over?

For those anticipating the Messiah long ago, there was a deep communal sense of waiting and hoping. For a people experiencing oppression, a messiah couldn’t come soon enough. Yet, for those in power, the idea that someone was coming to disrupt the status quo was always something to be guarded against. In the back of everyone's mind was the question, "What happens once the Messiah appears?" With Jesus' arrival, many were asking the question, "Is this what we were waiting for?" and "What now?"

On Sunday mornings at First United, we're going to take a couple of weeks to talk about the 'now what' of Christ’s entrance in the world - not just long ago, but in our own lives today. What does it mean for us (in varying stages of faith) to believe that Christ entered into this world? We'll begin this week as we talk about those referred to as the “wise men” or “the three kings” and how their encounter with the Christ child had them asking, "Now what?"

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