Re-Formation: Reconstruction - Using Something in a New Way


As we close up our series on "Re-Formation: Building a Faith After Deconstruction," we're also finishing up our object lesson of repurposing the church's original front doors. Last week, we talked about how even after being with Jesus for years, the disciples were still asked, “Who do you say that I am?” They needed to re-evaluate and rename who they thought Jesus was. Those of us who have experienced a faith-shift or a community-shift have also been invited into re-imagining who Jesus is. Once that happens, there's a shift in how we see ourselves and our faith. The result - something new is being revealed. In the midst of this reconstruction, the most important question, not just for individuals, but for our community, is to ask "Why?" Why have we gone through this shift? Why are we repurposing these doors? What now? In this message, Pastor Sarah helps us look at why Jesus’ words found in Matthew 7:21-29 are Good News, and we learn how they can help us build something new. This new thing will never be just for us, but it will make space for others as well.

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