Re-Formation: Deconstruction vs. Demolition


Deconstruction seems to be everywhere these days. It's a challenging process of dismantling old faith structures and ideals that have become cumbersome, unnecessary, or even painful. Many at First United have gone through (or are currently going through) a deconstruction of their own faith. For some who haven't experienced a spiritual deconstruction, the transformation of our physical property and buildings has been a deconstruction experience in and of itself. The buildings represented a hope and ideal that seems to have shifted. Both forms of deconstruction can feel like death, and the result is great grief.

However, there is a difference between demolition and deconstruction. In demolition, there's no intention to reuse what is being dismantled. Yet, with deconstruction, we're taking things apart in order to determine what is essential and needed.

This Sunday, we begin a new series entitled "Re-formation: Building a Faith After Deconstruction," and our hope is that it will challenge us to think through what we are deconstructing and what it might look like to ultimately reconstruct our faith. Join Pastor Sarah as she shares the story of Jacob wrestling with God to talk about why we need deconstruction in the first place.

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