Re-Formation: Deconstruction - A Turn Inward


This week, we continue our series on Re-formation: Building a Faith After Deconstruction, where we have been discussing what it means as individuals and as a faith community to go through the process of a deconstruction of our faith – a deconstruction of those moments and structures in our lives that have come before our present moment, that inform how we understand the divine and understand what it means to be the church. And while it is hard to reflect on the past, especially on those things that have brought us trauma, in that reflection and in that deconstruction we begin to see those things that will allow us to move forward. We were and are invited to become unfamiliar with the familiar in order to fall in love again. To move forward on to a place of restoration. And that is where we move to in week three. Restoration.

In the third week of our series, we’ll look at Micah 6:8 as a turning point out of deconstruction and into restoration. One of the most influential and often quoted sayings in prophetic literature, Micah 6:8 states that we are “to do justice, to love kindness, to walk humbly with your God.” Yet, when you stop and sit with it, what does it actually mean? What does it mean to you? What is it actually asking of you? This is where Micah is most useful in moving from deconstruction to restoration. In the midst of a critique of outside entities, in the midst of a deconstruction of those that oppress or do harm, an important shift must be made. A pivot or perspectival shift. A turn inward. A turn to the self. A reflective turn.

Instead of looking to the outside world for change, instead of getting mired in the blame game and getting frozen by inaction, instead of continually turning or looking outward for change to happen, we need to turn back to ourselves. To turn inward for restoration which then leads to outward action – to reconstruction. Join us as Brian Tipton, our Lay Leader, takes us through the journey of the prophet Micah, exploring what it means to move from deconstruction and into restoration.

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