Re-Formation: Restoration - Transforming Moments


“Your imagination is a weapon of mass construction.” - unknown 

In any building project, there comes a time when 'what was' begins to fade away, and 'what could be' begins to emerge. Momentum seems to increase, and suddenly, things are moving more quickly than before. This is not only true about the restoration of a door, a piece of furniture, or a home, but it's also the case with the transformation of our ideas and faith. Once something new can be imagined, our minds begin to shift in many ways - not just in the original area of transformation. 

Over the past few weeks, our series entitled “Re-formation: Building a Faith after Deconstruction” has taken us through the beginning stages of deconstruction, which requires a stripping away of what once was in order to evaluate what will remain as we move into the next stage of life. This process happens for almost everyone - whether they are joining the faith for the first time, watching their faith community change, or if they are experiencing a personal change in faith. The sanding and stripping away stage can feel all encompassing and leave one feeling disoriented. Last week, Brian Tipton shared how we must move inward and evaluate our own sense of faith.

This week, Pastor Sarah shares about the need for a change in imagination and possibility. In the gospels, we see Jesus take three of his disciples up to a mountaintop where they experience what is often referred to as a transfiguration. The way they see Jesus will never be the same after they encounter him in the presence of their faith heroes. There is a change in what is possible, and it will take them time to be able to place this experience into the framework of their faith. If we are going to restructure our faith, it will require a re-imagining of who Jesus is and a willingness to see things in a new way.

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