Re-Formation: Reconstruction - Building Something New


The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines reformation as the act of “putting or changing something into an improved form or condition.” When it comes to re-forming our beliefs, it requires an imaginative vision, and it demands that we're willing to ask tough questions. This week in our series on building a faith after deconstruction, we move toward reconstruction or re-formation, which can be a disorienting experience, but also a time of great freedom and creativity.

Re-forming our faith begins by asking the same question we asked at the beginning of our faith journey - “Who is Jesus?” There are as many answers to this question as there are people, but our answer creates the framework upon which our faith is built. For some, Jesus is a model for the way we live our life. For others, Jesus is the Savior who rescued them from a certain demise. This question has created denominations, invited people into a life of benevolence, caused a number of wars, and made people leave behind everything they have known to start a new life.

Sometimes, churches have told us that this question should only be asked once, and the answer should lead us to a particular prayer that seals our answer to the question. Scripture seems to give us a different example. Even after walking with Jesus in the flesh, his own disciples are asked, “Who do you say that I am?” This question and their answers will define the next steps in their faith. In reality, it serves us well to ask this question often as we create a healthy framework to build our faith upon. Listen in as Pastor Sarah shares why we have to answer "Who do you say that I am?" more than once, and why that is good news.

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