Re-Formation: Deconstruction - New Wineskins


In everyone's faith journey, there comes a time when our beliefs begin to shift and/or the faith community we grew up in doesn’t look like it used to. Lately, people have been referring to this shift as deconstruction

Father Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest, writes that for many of us, this shift feels like the worst kind of homesickness. At First United, there are many people in the pews who are in the midst of deconstruction after a shift in faith or after watching the church be transformed. Even if we feel homesick, there is an awareness that we can never go back to what once was, and trying to avoid deconstruction isn't very helpful. It's only when we acknowledge the shift and open ourselves up to new possibilities can our faith journey take on a new form.

In the second week of our series on Re-formation: Building a Faith After Deconstruction, we'll look at why Jesus invites us into this painful process of faith evaluation and change using the imagery of wineskins and clothing patches. Throughout this series, we're using the imagery of wood work. When we go to restore or reconstruct something, there must always be a time when we sand away the rough exterior to get to the raw wood that will be the base level of what is being built. This is painful, but needed. Join Pastor Sarah as she talks about the ways in which we are invited to sand away what we once thought was essential and why that is “good news."

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