A Whale of a Tale: The Belly of a Whale


There is a term often used by screenwriters, authors, and playwrights to describe a scene where a character's life seems to be at an all-time low. Everything seems to be going wrong, and the character may have even lost hope. These scenes are called 'the belly of the whale.' Jospeh Campbell, a literary professor, is credited with coining this term as a nod to the story of Jonah. You and I know, even if you take the story literally, it wasn't a whale that swallowed Jonah, but the term still is used to describe the moments in life when everything seems dark and maybe a little stinky. These dark moments feel like being inside of a fish! We’ve all been there, haven't we? We've all been in seasons of life that feel hopeless...a time when our next move isn't clear.

This week, we're going to join Jonah in the belly of the fish as he tries to figure out what is next. When you really dig into the story, Jonah weaves together a couple of psalms to create a beautiful prayer that he offers up as a way to both reconnect with God and soothe himself. Join Pastor Sarah as we ask the question, "How can we find hope in the belly of the whale? And, how can we authentically be present to others when they have their own whale moments?" Sometimes, we miss the richness of this story, because we get caught up in its absurd nature.

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