A Whale of a Tale: Get Up and Go


“Change is a gift often disguised as discomfort.” - Unknown

We all know that change can be hard. In fact, many of us have done everything possible to avoid change, but change is the only way that God brings newness into the world. From birth to death, life is a series of changes. Change can cause both excitement and discomfort, but the riskiest changes usually cause us the most fear. We have a tough time when things don't fit into the boxes or categories we've created. Yet, God doesn’t work in these categories and certainly seems to enjoy moving us beyond our boxes! 

This Sunday, as we continue to learn from the story of Jonah, Pastor Sarah shares about how God often invites us into change before we are ready to embrace it. Jonah is willing to share God’s message with Ninevah, but he isn’t quite ready for the Ninevites to change. Jonah wants to stay within the categories and boxes he has created, and he also wants his understanding of God to remain the same. This call to go outside of his box will deconstruct any categories of 'beloved' he has ever created. We can relate to Jonah, can’t we? Our Ninevah may not be a group of people, but there are places in our lives and in our faith where we struggle to accept changes. This week, we'll hear the sermon Jonah delivers to Ninevah and learn why it's one we all need to hear.

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