A Whale of a Tale: Unlikely Conversions


Have you ever traveled for an extended period of time to a foreign country and heard someone speaking your native language but it suddenly seems foreign to you? They may be speaking in your native tongue, but after not hearing it for a long time, it sounds completely different. In our faith stories, we have moments when familiar ideas or beliefs can take on new meaning when we hear it from a different voice or perspective. Because these moments can feel disorienting, we might want to flee from these experiences. Scripture is filled with people experiencing these disorienting and stretching moments. 

This week, we continue our series on Jonah as we will celebrate Pentecost Sunday. These may seem like two unrelated stories, but as Pastor Sarah will share with us, they are both stories where people are surprised by who was speaking in a way they understood. On Pentecost Sunday, we remember the story from Acts when people began to hear the message of God in their own language and from people that they least expected to hear it from. In the story of Jonah, her will have a moment of deconstruction just as foreign sailors are beginning to believe in the God that he professes. Both of these stories teach us that God and God’s Kingdom are so much bigger than the words we use to describe our them. Listen in as we hear how disorienting moments can lead us to growth.

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